Thursday, July 24, 2008

More food from friends...

As my husband and I are getting ready to leave ol' Virginie, we have had several requests to come to dinner by friends and colleagues...and I'm not complaining!

Last night we went over to our friends' house (D and L) about an hour north of where we live. My husband has known them a long time through playing mountain music, and they have a beautiful spot in the Blue Ridge.

L fixed an amazing meal--she is a southern cook hailing from the Piedmont area of my own native North Carolina. This was the salad she made...yum...and only a very small part of a huge amazing meal that left me very full! Unfortunately the rest of my pictures from the meal didn't turn out (the lighting wasn't right), so this will have to suffice.

This photo is a shot of the view from their kitchen window. It's heavenly.

I love the mountains,
and I love to eat.

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