Friday, July 25, 2008

"I Like Pork" and Camp Cooking

Last night my closest colleague, H, had a going away party for me. When I expressed my excitement over the country ham biscuits she recalled that one of the first things I said to her was "I like pork." I don't really recall it being one of the first things I said, but I certainly make my love of hog meat clear whenever appropriate!

In addition to those fantastic biscuits, she also made yummy cupcakes. I went through a cupcake obsession phase for awhile (not that long ago really)--and back in January I was in D.C. with H for a conference and spent a few (or maybe it was several) hours traipsing on foot around the city looking for the perfect cupcake shop. I never found it. (And apparently, it opened about a month later, in Georgetown, and was on the front page of the Washington Post Food Section--H brought the paper in for me to see). So "me and my cupcakes" are a bit of a joke now.

I did find an amazing recipe the other night in Taste of Home magazine for Lemon-Basil cupcakes, and plan to make them as soon as I have my new kitchen settled in...

Speaking of my new kitchen and moving and all that, I realize that it may be a little annoying that I'm not posting any new recipes, but this week I haven't been cooking (not since Monday--due to dinner parties/engagements and the such), and despite the great food I've been eating, I'm a little annoyed that I haven't been able to cook...I just don't like being this busy (although I take full responsibility for booking all said engagements)!

BUT, this weekend I will be cooking--but on a Coleman camp stove. My husband and I are headed to a fiddlers' convention (where we will basically stay up all night playing old time music--and I'll call a square dance Saturday night)...SO I plan to make a low-country dish that comes from my husband's family down in coastal South Carolina--it's called Chicken Purlo or Chicken Bog--I'm not sure that I spelled either of those correctly. But check back in on Monday, I should have a picture and hopefully a great recipe that can be made, with relative ease, even in the campground.

Happy weekend!

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